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Sucession Planning

Emerging leaders - Manufacturing and Transport

A Critical Friend

CEO - Health

Leading Change

Regional Managers - Charity

"Be a first rate version of yourself not a second rate version of someone else"

Judy Garland (at one time the highest paid performer in the US)

Our work with leaders

We get to really know how leaders see themselves, how others see them and how they want to be seen. We help them gain clarity about what they are good at, what they prefer to avoid and the behaviour that might lead to their failure.

Once the leader has this insight we are able to begin working with them. We can't say what that will look like right now, but we do know that we will open the door to them becoming more:

  • Resilient
  • Influential
  • Strategic and open minded in their thinking
  • Flexible and intelligent in the way they interact with others
  • Focussed on the outcomes that matter
  • Creative